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Join our TeamSpeak Server to get Support there. You can reach our teamspeak with this domain: evaped.cloud. We can‘t garant, that there are supporter online to help, so please write a ticket and we can say you the perfect time.

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Ticket System

Create a ticket in our ticket system area. Often, our costumers will get an answer within 5-10min. If not please wait a little bit. If there is still no answer, you can create a new ticket.

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discord support

You want to have support, when you are on the way? Than is this the perfect solution. Just click the button below to connect to our discord server.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Help, my plugin does not work!

Please check the following requierments:

  • The right version (Spigot 1.8.8)
  • Do you have installed Java 8?
  • Is your MySQL connected (It is connected, if you can give you some coins)
  • If you didn‘t set the spawns (or all other locations), you need multiverse to import all worlds

If your plugin still don‘t work, you can contact us 🙂

Install MySQL and create a database

How to install MySQL on Linux:

1. Login into your Server via SSH (Putty etc…)

2. Type: apt-get update

3. Type: apt-get upgrade

4. Type: apt-get install mysql-server

5. Follow the steps and enter a save password (If you didn‘t change anything, you can just connect with your localhost server!)


How to create a database on your mysql server:

1. Login into your server via SSH (Putty etc…)

2. Login into your mysql database: mysql -u root -p

3. Type in your password, which you created in step 5 of creating a mysql-server (Do not wonder, there are no *** or points, the server hides this)

4. Type: CREATE DATABASE “TestDataBase”;

5. Create a user with: CREATE USER ‘FredTheUser’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘VerySecurePassword’;

6. Grant user all permissions to your database: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON * . * TO ‘FredTheUser’@’localhost’;

7. Don‘t forget: FLUSH PRIVILEGES;

Now you have a mysql database and a valid user. Go to the net tab and see how to add this data into our MySQL.yml.

How to edit the MySQL.yml

The first step is to define, where your database is – the host. If your database is on the same server as the minecraft server, you must write localhost instead of the ip.

The next step is the port. The default port is 3306. If your database has another port (very uncommen) you can change it there.

Now you have to define the database name. A tab before, we created a database called „TestDataBase“. We can use it here too.

The next step is the user. If you didn‘t create a user, you have to type in „root“. If you created one, like we had in the tab before, you can take for example „FredTheUser“.

The last step is defining the password from the user. In the tab before you choosed „VerySecurePassword“. So your MySQL.yml can look like this:


host: localhost

port: 3306

database: TestDataBase

user: FredTheUser

password: VerySecurePassword

The Order Process

After buying one of our products succsesfully, you get an email notification. If not, please check the spam folder. Now you are able to download the product! 🙂

You can now go to My Account and than to Downloads. On this page you can download all of your ordered products. If there is no product displayed, please contact us, and we will help you.

If you need the invoice for the tax managment, than you can go to My Account and than to Orders. You can view your transaction and you can download the PDF Invoice.

Where are my invoices?

We automaticly generate a valid invoice for you. You can get a PDF invoice, if you go to My Acount and than to Orders.

Why are there price diffrences?

If you don‘t have a valid EU-VAT number, we have to pay tax. In every state, which is member of the EU, the tax is diffrent. In Germany you have to pay 19% of the price and for example in Luxembourg you have to pay 17%. So we adjust the price to your state.

If you have a valid EU VAT number havn‘t have to pay tax, so we don‘t count it to the price.