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xFFA is OneInTheChamper as FFA-Gamemode. Each player has a bow and arrow. If a player is hit by an arrow,he dies directly and the shooter receives a new arrow. The system includes a kit- and mapchange, a double jump, a random teleporter, and a nick system.

You can use the same MySQL-Database for all our systems. This allows the coins and nick settings to be synchronized with each other.

Product - Overview

Spigot 1.8.8 – Java 8 – For bungeecord networks

  • MySQL to save the player data
  • Mapchange with 3 options:
    • [0] MapChange/KitChange – Die Map und/oder das Kit wird nach einer bestimmten Zeit gewechselt
    • [1] Random Map/Kit – Beim Serverstart wird zufällig eine Map und/oder ein Kit ausgewählt, welche sich im Laufe des Spielgeschehens nicht verändern
    • [2] Standart Map/Kit – Ein ausgewähltes Kit und/oder eine Map werden beim Serverstart gesetzt und Laufe des Spielgeschehens nicht verändern.
  • You can create as much kits/maps as you want.
  • The death screen is deactivated.
  • A random episode that teleports you to a configured map point.
  • A Nick-System that changes the skin and the name everywhere. The player can choose whether he is nodded directly when joining and whether he should be displayed as a Premium-Player or Normal-Player (this function is compatible with all our system).
  • ForceMap- and ForceKit-System
  • There are 7 pre-made kits included. You can import these with “/ editkit <name> import”.
  • You can rename the items of the kits (+ ColorCodes) and also enchant them (eg durability 10).
  • Actionbar & scoreboard
  • You can set up to 30 rank designs in the tab.yml and the chat.yml.


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