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This is a Lobby-System. It contains everything your lobby server needs. From 230 extras to the simple protections of your world. You can create up to 100 warps, which your players can bring anywhere.

You can use the same MySQL-Database for all our systems. This allows the coins and nick settings to be synchronized with each other.

Product - Overview

Spigot 1.8.8 – Java 8 – For bungeecord networks

  • MySQL to save the player data
  • A navigator that includes 4 sections: Game Warps, Spawn, PvP Mode and LobbyWarps
  • About 100 warps can be created (50 as game warp and another 50 for the lobby warps). The items can then be customized.
  • Teleport Animation
  • A PvP mode that you can use to fight in the lobby (especially good on smaller networks).
  • A playerhider where you can select “All players”, “VIP players” and “No players”. There is an extra configuration where the player can set for the VIP settings which player he wants to see.
  • A large Cosmetic-System with about 233 Cosmetics / Extras. This includes the following:
    • 29 particle
    • 77 heads
    • 19 lives
    • 45 prefixes
    • 38 balloons
    • 15 pets (you can ride them and put them on your head)
    • 10 gadgets
  • The cosmetics are always divided into 5 categories (common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary). When selecting or buying, there is an extra inventory.
  • Your Profile Manager with friends menu (you can change the command and you need a friend system), PvP statistics and settings.
  • If you sneaked (YouTuber / team) you get a new inventory in the hotbar. This includes a Nick Tool, the Shield feature, and Silenthub.
  • A Nick-System that changes the skin and the name everywhere. The player can choose whether he is nodded directly when joining and whether he should be displayed as a Premium-Player or Normal-Player (this function is compatible with all our system).
  • A Lottery-System where you can win coins (customizable).
  • Dailyrewards with daily coins and tickets (and again for premium players).
  • The Lottery-System and the Dailyrewards-System include a villager (he does not run away and you can not attack him).
  • A Case-System where you can win cosmetics and coins (the winnings are configured by yourself). There is also a nice animation.
  • Jump Pads (Golden Pressureplate)
  • Double Jump
  • In addition, there is also a feature where you can walk over the water and then you get boosted up.
  • There is an action bar and of course a scoreboard.
  • You can set up to 30 rank designs in the tab.yml and the chat.yml.
  • If you enter the server for the first time, then you have a kind of “accepted our rules / privacy policy” (which of course can also be disabled).
  • You can choose whether the Silenthub makes a player invisible or teleports him to another server of your choice.
  • There is also a LobbySwitcher (CloudNET-Support, if you do not use CloudNet, you can leave it off) with Premium-Lobbies and the Normal-Lobbies.
  • The navigator can be like the pictures or just in an inventory.
  • You can choose if the Lobby-Server is a Normal-Lobby, a SilentHub or a Premium-Lobby.

3 reviews for ● Lobby-System ●

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lvkas_ (verified owner)

    Einfach perfekt… Sollte mal ein Bug auftreten wird dieser umgehend gefixxt! Top Plugin! Top Support!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    SternchenRechte (verified owner)

    Eines der besten, wenn nicht
    sogar das beste LobbySystem
    weit und breit.

    Ich würde mir lediglich
    folgendes wünschen.

    – Chat System sollte deaktiviert
    werden können.
    – Scoreboard sollte deaktiviert
    werden können.

    Aber ansonsten finde
    ich das System genial!

    • Nick Besier

      Wir werden gucken, was wir tun können 😀

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    SternchenRechte (verified owner)

    Einen Wunsch hätten wir noch, einen /nick Befehl um sich
    zu nicken/entnicken, da es doch
    vorallem für YouTuber nervig ist immer rejoinen zu müssen um entnickt zu werden.

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