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InvSync is perfectly designed for networks with game-modes like free build, citybuild or skyblock based on multiple servers. With this system, you can sync the complete inventory content between these servers.



  • Every item, message, sound or inventory can be edited in our detailed documented file
  • Every help message can also be edited in the config files
  • Use the command /paste, to upload your files and logs directly to our paste servers. If you enter the command in game or in the console, you get a direct-link to your needed content. Use the command /version, to get the all evaped plugin versions
  • This system saves his and player’s data in MySQL databases; The connection is supported by the connection pool HikariCP
  • Use the same database also for other plugins to sync the inventory
  • Define custom table names, for multiple uses in the same database
  • The system will save all items in inventory (names, lore, enchantments, count…), armor and xp-/exp-bar
  • Define own loading animation with blindness and titles
  • Edit all sounds, messages and permissions in config files

Tech Specs

The newest version of MySQL is required, to run this system. PhPMyAdmin is optional. Please make sure, that your tables and databases have "uft8" encoding and "utf8_general_ci" collocation for utf-8 encoding. Please make sure to use a completely new database for the Evaped systems. You can use the same database for the newer products, sold on this website. Not compatible with plugins from the last generations.
Operating system
Linux and Debian 9 are required, because of library downloads. If you are using ubunu, please make sure, that the plugins are able to download files from a webserver.
Java Version
Java 8 (tested) or newer (not tested) are required for running this system.
Required Server Manager
No Server Manager (aka. "cloud") is required to run this system. However, functions that require a cloud may appear in the future.
No Requirements needed. Dependencies for certain functions may arise in the future.
Spigot version
1.8.8 - 1.14.4 spigot version can be used for the system. Please make shure, to enable "bungeecord" in spigot.yml!
EVPD Pro is required for some features, but not required to run the system. Features, which require EVPD Pro are marked with a cloud (☁).


Get and save the license key
The first step is to get your plugin license-key. Go to MyAccount > Orders > License Manage (copy the whole key). If you want to create a new key, because your old one has been registered with another domain (or anything like this), click "Delete" and "Generate License Key". If you want to register more than one domain, please contact Evaped support.
Product download
Go to "MyAccount" > "Downloads" and download the .Zip for the product. Unzip the file and drop your plugin into the spigot plugins folder ("plugins"). Then restart your server. If all went right, a folder named "EVPD-HUB" has been created. Enter your MySQL values into the MySQL.yml file and restart the server. Then go to the created plugin folder and open the "LicenseKey.yml" file. There you can enter your Product/EVPD Pro license key. Restart the server again.
Spigot server
After entering the license key and restarting the server, you have to join the spigot server to check, if everything is working properly.
If something is not working properly, if you still have questions about the setup or the plugin or if you have suggestions for improvement or new features, please feel free to contact us at any time (


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