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CityBuild is currently one of the most popular game modes. This system brings you all the basic features your network needs. The system also includes 2 Villagers, which should simplify the creation of plots. In addition, there are some add-ons that make your server unique.


This plugin requires a Plot-System like PlotSquared

Product - Overview

Spigot 1.8.8 – Java 8 – For bungee/spigot networks


➜ MySQL, to save all player stats. You can use the same MySQL-Database for all our systems. This allows the coins and settings to be synchronized with each other. There is also a complete coin system, you can combine to all on our systems.


  Warp/Location System

➜ Complete warp system. Create/remove warps on your server.

➜ Set your custom spawn.



➜ Set a mob for the players, who joined the first time on your server (with a clickable message).

➜ Set a mob, where a player can edit settings for their plot.



➜ Commands like /gamemode, /fly, /feed, /heal and /coins.

➜ Own Scoreboard with online time, date, coins and more.

➜ Send private messages with /msg and toggle them with /msgtoggle.

➜ Complete tab and chat system with sorted tablist.

➜ Disable events like weather, hit players and so on.

➜ Little anti-crash system!

➜ Nick system with auto nick and premium pick.

➜ Show clantags in the tab (need BungeeSystem).

➜ Unknown command system.

➜ Tablist for spigot servers.


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