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You need the latest version of our CityBuild-System (free). This is the best choice to create a global market for save trading on your server with our coins system.

Product - Overview

Spigot 1.8.8 – Java 8 – For bungee/spigot networks


➜ Players can create their own player shops. They just need a sign and a chest, to create one. You can easily change the stock by clicking the sign. There is also a flying item over the chest. 

➜ There is also a licensing system. So by default, you can’t create endless shops. You have to buy some more by the shop villager.

➜ Player shops are well protected, so you can not destroy them accidentally.



➜ As an admin, you can create so-called “admin shops”. Players can buy or sell their own items.

➜ Look here, how to create them.


   More tools

➜ You can also see your lifetime sell stats.

➜ There is an item clear with a broadcaster.


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