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You need the latest version of our CityBuild-System (free). This is an important CityBuíld-DLC (addon). It includes a complete ban, mute, and report system.

Product - Overview

Spigot 1.8.8 – Java 8 – For spigot server

   Ban/mute system

➜ Ban players with “/ban” or mute them with “/mute”. You can unban/unmute it with “/unban” or “/unmute”.

➜ You can use shortcodes and you can create as many as you want (/ban Fred 1)

➜ You can permanently ban or mute players with “/permban” or “/permmute”



➜ Create reports with /report and then you can easily type a reason.

➜ After the player executes the command, he will get an inventory to accept this report.

➜ Every team member will get a clickable message, that someone has been reported.

➜ You can leave the report mode with “/removereport”.


   More tools

➜ You can easily set your server into maintenance mode, so no player can join now.

➜ You can check if a player has been muted or banned in a nice GUI.


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