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You need the latest version of our CityBuild-System (free). This is an important CityBuíld-DLC (addon). It includes about 25 useful Commands and a Home-System.

Product - Overview

Spigot 1.8.8 – Java 8 – For bungee/spigot networks

   Some Commands

➜ /advertisement [/ads, /werbung]

➜ /bold

➜ /broadcast [/bc]

➜ /clearchat [/cc]

➜ /clear

➜ /day

➜ /delwarpmob

➜ /enderchest [/ec]

➜ /fix

➜ /give

➜ /home

➜ /invsee

➜ /kill

➜ /money

➜ /moneytop

➜ /night

➜ /noads

➜ /pay

➜ /rename

➜ /repair

➜ /setwarpmob

➜ /shop

➜ /skin

➜ /skull

➜ /speed

➜ /teamchat [/tc]

➜ /time

➜ /tpaaccept

➜ /tpa

➜ /tpall

➜ /tp

➜ /tpdeny

➜ /tphere

➜ /tpo

➜ /tptoggle

➜ /trash

➜ /ts

➜ /vanish [/v]

➜ /workbench [/wb]

➜ /yt



➜ Create advertisement messages as a player

➜ Players can create, dependent on their given permission, a specified amount of advertisements on a day.

➜ You can also use color codes.


  Warp mobs

➜ You can create warp mobs with our warp system (free basic version). You can edit the name and the type of the mob.

➜ You can create up to 1000 warp mobs.


    Home system

➜ A player can create up to 4 homes in a nice GUI.

➜ By default, you have one slot. You can buy more for a specified amount of coins.


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