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You need the latest version of our CityBuild-System (free). This is an important CityBuíld-DLC (addon). It includes a Crate-System, a VoteSystem and a VoteShop. In addition, there are Rank-, Permission- and Coin-Books.

You need the latest version of our CityBuild-System (free).

Product - Overview

Spigot 1.8.8 – Java 8 – For bungee/spigot networks

   Create crates

➜ You can create 4 normal crates (by default we call them: rare, epic, legendary and event crate – you can change it all the time). There is also a vote crate.

➜ You can change the loot every time in a user-friendly GUI.

➜ There is also an animation while opening the crate. You can completely change the design in the configurations.



➜ To open a crate you need a key. There is a mob, where you can buy the keys. 

➜ You can always change the design from the keys. Keys with the old design are still valid.


   Vote management

➜ So if a player votes for your network, you can execute the command “/getvote” and he will get a vote key and there will be a beautiful broadcast. 

➜ With “/vote” you get a list of available votes and some information.

➜ You need a system like Votifier to execute this command.



➜ With a single command, you can create coins books, permission books, and rank books.

➜ Every player can redeem them easily and you can set them as loot in your crates.


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