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This is our Bungee system. It contains everything you need. From the clan system to a huge ban system, friends, party and report system. You can edit all messages and files!

Product - Overview

Spigot 1.8.8 – Java 8 – Newest BungeeCord Version


➜ MySQL, to save all player stats. You can use the same MySQL-Database for all our systems. This allows the coins and settings to be synchronized with each other. There is also a complete coin system, you can combine to all on our systems.


  Ban / Mute System

➜ This Bungee/Proxy system contains a huge ban/mute system. You have some shortcodes (like: /ban <Player> 1). You can add as many shortcodes as you want. There is even a history, so every new ban with the same shortcode has a larger time.

➜ You can also use /permban (/permmute) – to ban/mute player permanently and /tempban (/tempmute) – to ban/mute players temporary.

➜ There is also a supporter ban feature included (/sban), so that test team member can ban or mute too. Every ban or mute, you create with this command, has by default time of 12 hours (you can change it).

➜ Every ban/mute will block the IP too. So if you will join with the same IP like a banned/muted one, you get banned/muted too. And every ban has its own ID so that you can easily unban (/unbanid) or check (/checkid) bans. There is also a /notify command to block messages like ban/mute/report for your own.

➜ There is also a report system with rewards, auto-close on a ban/mute, cooldown and with nice clickable messages.


  Friends System

➜ This system contains a complete friend system. Add, remove and accept friends easily with a command, clickable messages and on our spigot friendsGUI addon. There is also a little shop system, where players can buy friend slots and change their clan tag color.

➜ Every player can create his own status (You can easily check and delete it as a team member). You can send private messages mit /msg (/r to reply) and you can jump to them.


   Party System

➜ This system also contains a party system. By default, a party has 10 players (changeable) and 15 for premium players (changeable). It also contains a party chat.


    Clan System

➜ Every player can create a clan for 30.000 (changeable) coins. You can see the clantags in the tab (as a prefix) on all of our systems (learn more). You can manage the clan in the friendsGUI. You can also change the clantag color to GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE and 6 more!

➜ If you have our lobby system, you can add the clantag (%CLAN%) on the scoreboard. You also have a clanchat feature. There is also an ELO system, which is connected to all of our games.


  Permissions System

➜ We implemented a complete permissions management system, we called “xperms”. You can create as many groups as you want, add “*” perms, negative permissions “-tab.owner” and there is a free spigot Add-On. You can also give your players extra permissions.

➜ There is also a /rank command, to give player ranks and they will be kicked from the network. You can also give your players timed ranks, like a premium membership for 30 days.

➜ We implemented a file-based permission system option. so you can add, remove and edit ranks in a file. It is pretty easy to use and has a high performance.


  Chat Management

➜ This system comes with a complete chat management system. It contains an anti-spam system, bad words and advertisement filter, command blocker like /pl (/bukkit and so on – you can add as many as you like). There is also an auto-broadcaster and a /broadcast command.

➜ There is also a JoinME command with a face. So players (with permissions) can send a broadcast with a clickable message to join their game.

➜ Too many messages? You can activate the globalmute with blacklisted servers (like bedwars), and no one can write (just team members). Or you can clear the chat with /cc [local; global].

➜ You also have a teamchat and an adminchat with color coded.



➜ Use /mn to enabled maintenance mode and /mn whitelist to add players to the whitelist, without giving them the permissions.

➜ This system contains a huge MOTD manager. When maintenance mode is activated, the player counter changes, the MOTD changes and the server info (hovering over the player counter) will change. By default, the second line is a random one between 3 you set in the files.

➜ If the server is full, a player with the right permission can still join. You can change the maximum amount of members with the /setmax command.

➜ There is also an anti-bot manager. So if you do not have the bypass permission, you can’t join with another account (deactivatable)

➜ Online time system with extra commands to change them. You can show the online time on our lobby scoreboard (%ONLINETIME%).

➜ Hub management system, with cloudnet support (For cloudnet users: You can make rankhubs, so that every normal player will join on a normal hub, every premium player on a premium hub and every team member on the silenthub). If you are not using cloudnet, you can add as many servers add you want as a hub and the system will select a random one.

➜ Fun gadget: You can change the online players with our botsystem. It changes the amount of player every 5 seconds a bit over or under the range, which you can change easily with a command.

➜ If you have a German network, you can do /proxylanguage <DE/EN> to change the language from all 13 files – yes you have 13 files, where you can change everything!

➜ This system includes the following: friendsGUI (spigot), bungeeperms (spigot) and bungeesystem (bungeecord). There are also 2 documentation in German/English with all commands, permissions, and some instructions.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    ItsPluxono (verified owner)

    Das beste BungeeSystem in der Plugin-Szene!
    Sehr wenige – gar keine Bugs. Regelrechte Updates, schneller und kompetenter Support und Developer
    und schnelle Bugfixes.

    Ich empfehle es jeden!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mehrzahl (verified owner)

    Sehr gutes System, sehr gute Erklärung und extrem guter Support !

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