• Put our plugin in this folder: /plugins/
  • Restart or reload the server
  • Go into „/plugins/Lobby/MySQL.yml“ and put in your MySQL values


  • Host: Where is your database (on your root/vServer: localhost)
  • Port: The default value is 3306 (if you have hosted your database extern, you must look up the port)
  • Database: The name of your database
  • User: Which user has the permission for this database (if the database is on your network, you have to create one   HOW TO ; if you use mc-host 24 you must use the same name as „Database“; and if you have your database on another server and not on mc-host 24, you must look up the username)
  • Password: Enter the password name


  • Restart or reload the network
  • Now you can join and you have to set all locations. So you have to go into edit mode: /edit
  • Now you can set the spawn position: /editmap setSpawn
  • If you have a sign wall, you can create up to 50 locations for it:  /editmap setGame <1,2,3 … or name>
  • If you have a lobby warp, like a cases location etc. … you can create up to 50 locations for them: /editmap setWarp <1,2,3… name>
  • Now you can set the lottery villager: /editmap setVillager Lottery
  • And the daily rewards villager location: /editmap setVillager DailyRewards
  • Now you can edit all files to your network design! Info: Don’t have fear to edit these files, if you make a mistake, your server does not explode! 😉


In the file plugins/Lobby/Inventory/Cases/main.ym you have a list of some numbers (Integers). The list contains all positions, where the animation items will be displayed (it starts with 0). You can add/remove some numbers. The animation starts with the first number and ends with the last one.

How to

How to create a one page inventory for the navigator:

  • Go to /Lobby/Inventory/Navigation/main.yml and change oneinv (line: 4) to true.
  • Now you can change the positions of the items in the games.yml and main.yml


How to disable Lobby PvP:

  • Go to /Lobby/Inventory/Navigation/main.yml and change enablepvp (line: 3) to false.


How to install Silenthub to an extern server:

  • Go to /Lobby/Inventory/secondinv.yml and change shserver (line: 2) to true.
  • Change in line 3 the fallback server name
  • Change in line 4 the silent hub server name


How to install the lobbyswitcher (CLOUDNET or TIMOCLOUD):

  • Go to your config and activate timocloud or cloudnet
  • Go to /Lobby/Inventory/YourProfile/main.yml and change enabled (line: 54) to true.
  • Go to /Lobby/Inventory/YourProfile/LobbySwitch.yml and change the lobbygroupname (line: 2) to the group name for the normal lobby in CloudNet or Timocloud.
  • Enable/Disable the premium lobby feature (line: 3) and type in the name of the PremiumLobby group (line: 4)


How to enable clan-tags:

  • Go the config.yml and than activate the clantag (in the scoreboard section)


How to change the language:

  • Type /language DE or EN for your language
  • Restart or reload your server
  • (For cloud user: You have to copy the file into the templates folder!)


Scoreboard Placeholders:

  • All scoreboard placeholders for this system: %COINS%, %RANK%, %CASES%, %DATE%, %ONLINETIME%, %CLAN%. For the last two ones you need our bungee system.


All mobs, you can choose for the daily rewards and more:

  • chicken
  • rabbit
  • sheep
  • pig
  • cow
  • mushroomcow
  • ocelot
  • wolf
  • spider
  • cavespider
  • enderman
  • creeper
  • pigzombie
  • blaze
  • witch
  • villager
  • golem

commands and permissions

  • /coins – lobby.coins
  • /edit – lobby.editmode
  • /editmap – lobby.editmap
  • /nav – none
  • /realname – lobby.realname
  • /gamemode – lobby.gamemode
  • Colored chat – lobby.colorchat
  • Lobby Speed – lobby.speed
  • Double Jump – lobby.doublejump
  • WaterJump – lobby.waterjump
  • Jump  Pad – lobby.jumppad
  • Join/Leave messages TEAM –
  • Join/Leave messages PREMIUM – lobby.joinleave.premium
  • Nick System – lobby.nick
  • SilentHUB – lobby.silentlobby
  • Shield – lobby.shield
  • Bypass Shield – lobby.shield.bypass
  • Dailyrewards Premium Coins – lobby.rewards.premium
  • Dailyrewards Premium Ticket – lobby.rewards.premium
  • Sneak Inventory – lobby.youtubegui
  • Hide for nick-players – lobby.hide
  • Hide-Admin – hide.admin
  • Hide-Team –
  • Hide-Youtube –
  • Hide-Premium – hide.premium
  • Balloons – lobby.balloon.*
  • Gadgets – lobby.gadgets.*
  • Armor – lobby.armor.*
  • Heads – lobby.head.*
  • Lives – lobby.lives.*
  • Particle – lobby.particle.*
  • Pets – lobby.pets.*
  • Prefix – lobby.prefix.*
  • IMPORTANT For all Premium Players and above – lobby.premium
  • To join on a full server – lobby.premiumjoin