• Put the plugin “CB-Crates.jar” in this folder: /plugins/
  • Restart or reload the server
  • You can create up to 5 crates with /edit and than /editcrate setCrate <vote,crate1,crate2,crate3,crate4>. Now you have to right click a crate to define the block/chest or sth. like that as this crate.
  • Set the loot with /editcrate setLoot <vote,crate1,crate2,crate3,crate4>. Important: Do not close the Inventory! Save the loot by clicking on the rocket.
  • Go into „/plugins/CityBuild/DLC/Crates“ to edit all files.
  • Set the key store mob with /editcrate setMob
  • Now you can edit all files to your network design! Info: Don’t have fear to edit these files, if you make a mistake, your server does not explode! 😉

How to

How can I remove the mobs:

  • Place them with the same command on another location or try:
  • /edit, redstone, right click and sneak

How to change the language:

  • Type /language DE or EN for your language and then BASIC for this system or the DLC name
  • Restart or reload your server
  • (For cloud user: You have to copy the file into the templates folder!)

All mobs you can choose for the sort inv mob:

  • chicken
  • rabbit
  • sheep
  • pig
  • cow
  • mushroomcow
  • ocelot
  • wolf
  • spider
  • cavespider
  • enderman
  • creeper
  • pigzombie
  • blaze
  • witch
  • villager
  • golem
  • zombie

commands and permissions

  • /coinbook – citybuild.coinbook
  • /editcrate – citybuild.editcrate
  • /getvote – citybuild.getvote
  • /keys – citybuild.keys
  • /permbook – citybuild.permbook
  • /rankbook – citybuild.rankbook