• Put the plugin „BungeeSystem.jar“ in the BungeeCord-Plugins folder.
  • Restart or reload the proxy
  • Go into „/plugins/BungeeSystem/MySQL.yml“ and put in your MySQL Values


  • Host: Where is your database (on your root/vServer: localhost)
  • Port: The default value is 3306 (if you have hosted your database extern, you must look up the port)
  • Database: The name of your database
  • User: Which user has the permission of this database (if the database is on your network, you can use root; if you use mc-host 24 you must use the same name as „Database“; and if you have your database on another server and not on mc-host 24, you must look up the username)
  • Password: Enter the password name


  • Restart or reload the network
  • Now, if you want to use xPerms, you have to put the „BungeePerms.jar“ on every spigot- server
  • If you will use the friendsgui, you have to put the „LobbyFriends.jar“ on every lobby server. If you don’t use our lobby system have to activate the hotbar item in the Messages.yml (/plugins/LobbyFriends) or activated it with /friendsgui
  • Now reload or restart all spigot servers and enter the SAME database as the BungeeSystem.jar has (You can copy/paste the values)
  • Now you can edit all files to your network design! Info: Don’t have fear to edit these files, if you make a mistake, your server does not explode! 😉

hub configuration

In this section we want to explain, how you can edit the Hub.yml:

If you are using cloudnet or timocloud:
If you want to use normal lobbys/premium lobbys and silenthubs, you can automatically teleport the players to their hub, like:

Normal players: Normal Hub

Premium players: premium hubs

YouTube/team/admin: Silenthub

You have to follow these steps (BungeeSystem/Hub.yml):

onjoin describes if the players will be teleported to their hub on join.

You have to activate one of these clouds: timocloud or cloudnet.

You have to activate cloudnet_rankhub or timocloud_rankhub to activate this feature.

Now you have to put in the group names from the hub categories like silenthub, premiumlobby or lobby.

If you don’t want to use that feature (rankhub), you have to set timocloud_rankhub or cloudnet_rankhub to false.

You have to put all your lobby servers in this list (Lobby-1, Lobby-2 …).

Now you have to set the lobby server prefix. Every server starts with “Lobby”, so the prefix is “Lobby”.

How to disable

How to disable xperms:

Go to /BungeeSystem/Messages.yml and change xperms to false

How to disable the MOTD:

Go to /BungeeSystem/Messages.yml and change motd to false

How to disable tablist:

Go to /BungeeSystem/Messages.yml and change tablist to false.

/Rank command

You want that supporter can give the premium group and admins: premium, supporter and more? Then you can easily use the /rank command.

rank1 is the highest level for admins, head admins or coowners. So if you have the permission bungee.ranks1, you can give all these ranks under “rank1”.

rank2 is the next level. Players with the permission bungee.ranks2 can give the ranks under rank2.

rank3 is the lowest level for a helper or something like that. If the player has bungee.ranks3, he can give Premium and Premium+.

You can add as many groups as you want. But they must exists in xperms!

With the permission bungee.ranks* you can give all the groups.

Integration with other plugins

If you have our lobby system, you can add two new placeholders to the scoreboard. %ONLINETIME% for the online time and %CLAN% for the clantag.

You have to activate Bungeesystem in every config from our systems like KnockOut, FFA or the lobby system. You can also activate clan tags in the tab in the config of our systems (in the scoreboard section).

You can also activate the timocloud and cloudnet in our lobby system for the hub system.

commands and permissions

(XPERMS): You have to give the permission with xperms. Just execute the command: /xperms user <name> add <permission> (You can use another perms system too)

  • /adminchat [/ac] – bungee.adminchat
  • /ban – bungee.ban
  • /botsystem – bungee.botsystem
  • /broadcast [/bc] – bungee.broadcast
  • /buildserver [/bs, /bauserver] – bungee.buildserver
  • /check – bungee.check
  • /checkid – bungee.checkid
  • Show IP while checking a player/ID: bungee.seeip
  • /clanchat [/c] – bungee.clanchat
  • /clan – bungee.clan
  • /clearchat (Yourself) – bungee.clearchat
  • /clearchat global (all players) –
  • /clearchat local (all players on your server) – bungee.clearchat.local
  •  /coins – bungee.coins
  • /deletestatus – bungee.deletestatus
  • /friends – bungee.friends
  • /getonlinetime [/getot] – bungee.getonlinetime
  • /getstatus – bungee.getstatus
  • /globalmute [/gmute] – bungee.globalmute
  • /help (All commands) –
  • /help (Message from Message.yml) – none
  • /hub [leave, l, lobby] – bungee.hub
  • /joinme – bungee.joinme
  • /kick – bungee.kick
  • /maintenance [/mn] – bungee.maintenance
  • /msg – bungee.msg
  • /notify – bungee.notify
  • /partychat [/p] – bungee.partychat
  • /party –
  • /permban – bungee.permban
  • /permmute – bungee.permmute
  • /playerinfo – bungee.playerinfo
  • Show IP while checking a player/ID: bungee.seeip
  • /ping –
  • /proxylanguage – bungee.proxylanguage
  • /rank – bungee.rank
  • /replay [/r] – bungee.r
  • /report –
  • /reports – bungee.editreport
  • /sban – bungee.sban
  • /setmax – bungee.setmax
  • /setonlinetime [/setot] – bungee.setonlinetime
  • /setstatus – bungee.setstatus
  • /supban – bungee.supban
  • /supmute – bungee.supmute
  • /teamchat [/tc] – bungee.teamchat
  • /tempban – bungee.tempban
  • /tempmute – bungee.tempmute
  • /unban – bungee.unban
  • /unbanid – bungee.unbanid
  • /unmute – bungee.unmute
  • /xperms – bungee.xperms
  • /video –
  • /reportreasons –
  • /move – bungee.move
  • /jumpto – bungee.jumpto
  • /teamhistory – bungee.teamhistory
  • /youtube –
  • /commandwatcher – bungee.commandwatcher
  • /clanmanage – bungee.clanmanage
  • Bypass premium chat – bungee.premiumchatbypass
  • Bypass no chat – bungee.nochatbypass
  • NEW Bypass Anti-Bot – bungee.botbypass
  • NEW Anti-Bot message – bungee.botmsg
  • Bypass Globalmute – bungee.globalmute.bypass
  • Bypass Antispam –
  • Bypass Hidecommands (/pl …) – bungee.hidecommands.bypass
  • Bypass Maintenance – bungee.maintenance.bypass (XPERMS)
  • Fullbungeejoin – bungee.premiumjoin (XPERMS)
  • Get sban/smute messages (Higher teammembers) –
  • Banmessages – bungee.ban.msg
  • Mutemessages – bungee.mute.msg
  • (And all permissions for each ban [Banfile])
  • Unban messages – bungee.unban.msg
  • Unmute messages – bungee.unmute.msg
  • Send MSG with color – bungee.colorMSG
  • Get more party slots –
  • No report cool down –
  • Get sBan messages – bungee.sban.msg
  • Get sMute messages – bungee.smute.msg
  • Badwords bypass – bungee.badwords.bypass
  • HUB rankhub for team members – bungee.hub.silenthub
  • HUB rankhub for premium players – bungee.hub.premium
  • RANKS Give all ranks – bungee.ranks*
  • RANKS Give LVL 1 ranks (The most) – bungee.ranks1
  • RANKS Give LVL 2 ranks (Medium) – bungee.ranks2
  • RANKS Give LVL 3 ranks (The least) – bungee.ranks3
  • Tabcomplete (on a single „/“) – bungee.tabcomplete
  • Report use – bungee.editreport
  • Report msg – bungee.editreport
  • Specmode – bungee.specmode
  • Can’t ban you, because you are a team member – bungee.ban.cantban (XPERMS)
  • Ban all players, even if they have the permission – bungee.ban.bypassblock