• Put our plugin in this folder: /plugins/
  • Restart or reload the server
  • Go into „/plugins/BuildFFA/MySQL.yml“ and put in your MySQL values


  • Host: Where is your database (on your root/vServer: localhost)
  • Port: The default value is 3306 (if you have hosted your database extern, you must look up the port)
  • Database: The name of your database
  • User: Which user has the permission for this database (if the database is on your network, you have to create one   HOW TO ; if you use mc-host 24 you must use the same name as „Database“; and if you have your database on another server and not on mc-host 24, you must look up the username)
  • Password: Enter the password name


  • Restart or reload the network
  • Now you can join and you must create maps and kits. So you have to go into edit mode: /edit
  • Now you can set up the maps: /editmap
  • First create a map: /editmap <name> create. Now you can set the spawn: /editmap <name> setSpawn. You have to set 2 highs now: /editmap <name> high <death/damage>. Now you can add locations for the random teleporter: /editmap <name> addRandom
  • Now you can set up the kits: /editkit
  • Put items into the hotbar and the armor plots. You can rename and give them enchants with: /edititem <rename/enchant>. Now you can create the kit: /editkit <name> create
  • Now you can edit all files to your network design! An info: Don’t have fear to edit these files, if you make a mistake, your server does not explode! 😉

Map/Kit change

IMPORTANT: If you have just 1 map or kit, you have to go in the settings.yml in the folder “Kits” oder “Maps” and set Kitsystem or Mapsystem to “2”. And you have to set the DefaultKit or DefaultMap – value to the map/kit name!

You can change the map and kit System. To change it, you must go into the settings file from kit/map. You will find this:

In this case, there is a map/kit switch with all enabled kits or maps

The list of all types: [0] Map/Kitchange [1] Random Kit/Map by starting the server (no changes) and [2] Map/Kit you have set. So it can look like this:

Normal map and kit change with all enabled maps.

There will be one map, which will be selected on server start (no further changes while the server is running).

There is one map, which will be selected on server start. You defined one and the system wont change it while the server is running!

How to

We added some kits (8-10) in our files. You can import them into the game with:

  1. /edit
  2. /editkit import <name>
  3. /edit
  4. /reload


How to enable clan-tags:

  • Go the config.yml and than activate the clantag (in the scoreboard section)


How to change the language:

  • Type /language DE or EN for your language
  • Restart or reload your server
  • (For cloud user: You have to copy the file into the templates folder!)


Scoreboard placeholders:

  • All scoreboard placeholders: %COINS%, %KILLS%, %DEATH%, %RANKING%, %KD%, %DATE%


All mobs you can choose for the sort inv mob:

  • chicken
  • rabbit
  • sheep
  • pig
  • cow
  • mushroomcow
  • ocelot
  • wolf
  • spider
  • cavespider
  • enderman
  • creeper
  • pigzombie
  • blaze
  • witch
  • villager
  • golem

Sort inventory

Because of the performance, you can just use our kit. But you completely edit names, amounts, ids (+SubId) and you can disable every part.

To activate inventory sort, you must set the mob for every map: /editmap <name> setmob

You also have to activate “sortinv” in the config!

Restart the server and you will have a sorted buildffa!

commands and permissions

  • /coins – buildffa.coins
  • /edit – buildffa.editmode
  • /edititem – buildffa.edititems
  • /editkit – buildffa.editkit
  • /editmap – buildffa.editmap
  • /realname – buildffa.realname
  • /tokens – buildffa.statstoken
  • Colored Chat – buildffa.colorchat
  • Nick System – buildffa.nick
  • ForceMap – buildffa.forcemap
  • Premium join – buildffa.premiumjoin