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Dear Parents,

thank you for your interest in Evaped. With this article we want to enlighten you, who we are and what products we sell. If you have any questions, you can contact us at the following e-mail adress:

● What IS EVAPED? ●

We are a small, young company that creates additional (optional) content for the game Minecraft (by Monjang AB). Players can host or operate a so-called Minecraft Server, where other players can play. For these “Minecraft Servers” we create so-called plugins (Java extensions) and maps (worlds or levels on which players can play).


In our experience, running a Minecraft network can give you some knowledge in server administration, computer engineering, and how to get people excited about your project. Often many think that Minecraft is not a pedagogically valuable game, but websites like say the opposite (source: Unlike other games, the player has the opportunity to creatively think of a new variant of the game.

● Why EVAPED? ●

Evaped has had more than 5 years of experience with Minecraft networks, so we know exactly what a Minecraft Server needs to improve the gaming experience. We offer competent and fast support (assistance/support) if you or your son / daughter have problems with setting up. We also like to get new suggestions and bring them into our products. In addition, our products contain no rough representation of violence or disturbing content.


For a Minecraft server you need, as the name suggests, a Minecraft server. These can, for example, be rented from these well-known hosting companies:

For more efficiency, or if your son / daughter chooses to open an entire network, you need a vServer / RootServer or Dedicated Server. If you’re wondering what a Minecraft Network is like: a Minecraft network is a bunch of Minecraft servers that work together. Since hosting is too expensive for every single Minecraft server, we recommend a vServer / RootServer / Dedicated Server where you can host the Minecraft servers yourself.

After purchasing a Minecraft server, you can optionally buy plugins or maps to improve the gameplay.

In addition, all players need a valid Minecraft account. You can buy this here:

● Which costs arise? ●

There are only the costs for the product, which you buy from us. All prices include the VAT. We do not charge time-recurring fees (except reseller packages, but these are meant for large customers). In addition, our support costs no money, as this is already included in each product (see Terms).

If you have any further questions about Minecraft, servers or around us, you can always reach Evaped via our e-mail address:

Thank you for your interest 🙂 –