Our team has an ear to every problem and all questions. Don’t hesitate and contact us here. We offer TeamSpeak, ticket and WhatsApp support!

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We don’t intend to pull out a lot of money from our buyers, but rather to make them happy for little money.


We don’t focus on quantity, but on quality. Every customer should get the best possible for his money. If you have any bugs or performance issues, let us now and we will fix it as soon as possible.


Technology Which You Can Control

Our Categories

Minecraft plugins

We offer a lot of Minecraft plugins in our store. We create them with a significant change in contrast to other stores. All of our plugins are connected with the same database. Because of that, you can even manage your coins with our bungee system, lobby system and all of our minigames!

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Minecraft Maps

All of our Minecraft maps were created for our plugins. So all of our lobby systems have a place for villagers and the chest. And even the knockout maps have been designed for the system. Our maps were created with the spigot version 1.8.8.

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